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MAUI GMO News Flash Amazes us! GMO Ban Postponed till 2015

Hot off the press it seems the legal teams must have worked all weekend on the Maui gmo ban, they filed an order of stipulation agreeing to leave the TRO in effect till March 31st, 2015 and the Judge signed the stipulation into effect this morning. Judge Kurren works hard and must have come into work early, we’re glad he did frankly as we support freedom to farm.

Farmers didn’t ask for bad bill to be passed, we’re only 2% of the population so its easy for fear mongering activists to pollute our communities with lies and hate.


Just Label the Hawaii Papaya, Why?

Why must we label it Hawaii? There are multiple labeling bills in the State legislature this session. Again my question is, Why label it Hawaii and my focus is centered on a local produced agricultural crop the Hawaii Papaya.

The Hawaii Papaya is a whole food, a super food actually that is not only healthy but it provides affordable, safe, nutritious fruit for our local community and its an exportable crop that sustains our families and returns dollars to our economy. Why should our farmers be forced to label their fruit? because it’s seed has a biotech beginning? We all know that, having a biotech papaya that is resistant to the papaya ring spot virus aka PSRV; saved the Hawaii Papaya Industry. Do you know that 200-400 small minority farmers depend on this crop to feed their families and they help feed Hawaii?

This bill would require Hawaii farmers to label their papayas, the boxes, the transportation bins and boxes and at the grocery store or farmers market bin. I often see and purchase them 3 or 4 for $1 dollar at the local farmers markets. Yes, thats right the best freakin buy for a buck you can find in Hawaii. Now this exact same fruit if sold by a restaurant, grocery store or any type of food server even if at the same farmers market but sold scooped out and ready to eat, would NOT require any sort of label. The thing is the ready to eat papaya is normally between $2.50 and up, depending on where you buy it. How is that right?

This is not a food safety issue, this bill and other’s like it are scare tactics to force consumers into buying alternatives means and costing us up too 50% more. Just say NO….

A food labeling bill like Senate Bill #2521 only hurts these farmers. In fact it hurts all small food processors and specialty food producers as well. Bills such as this only hurt consumers, farmers and our wallets. Submit testimony opposing this bill today!

SB 2521 Labeling Bill ~ Testimony needed to oppose SB 2521 This impacts farmers and food affordability for kama’aina!

Bill Status:

Bill Copy:

Hearing Notice:

Email Testimony to: HTHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov

Senate Bill 2521 Bill Summary

All food products will be required to be labeled “Produced with Genetic Engineering”

Includes all food, processed, raw and fresh foods
Boxes and transportation containers would need to be labeled Genetically Engineered
Fresh products such as papaya would need to be labeled on the shelf and transportation boxes.
No food or raw agricultural commodity can be sold without being labeled. Which conflicts with current FDA guidelines which exempts Raw and Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Fish from Federal labeling standards.


Cheese, yogurt and any product produced with enzymes
Liquid Milk products
Restaurants and food for immediate consumption
Medical Food

State-level proposals to mandate biotech labeling hurt consumers, small business and farmers!
Mandatory labeling of foods produced using biotechnology would unnecessarily result in higher food costs for consumers – especially those least able to afford it.

The state-borne costs to enforce mandatory labeling provisions may be in the millions of dollars.

Analysis of California’s Proposition 37, for example, estimates annual food costs for an average-income family would increase by approximately $400.

Consumers already have a choice in the marketplace:
Consumers who prefer to purchase food products that don’t contain any biotechnology-derived ingredients, can choose foods labeled “certified organic” or “non GMO.”

We support the Voluntary labeling of food products, as long as those labels don’t infer any difference in healthfulness or safety.

Advocates of mandatory labeling laws falsely believe food safety is at issue:
Foods and food crops produced using biotechnology are among the most reviewed, studied, scrutinized and regulated products in the world.

Scientific authorities such as the National Academies of Science, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association and the American Association for the Advancement of science have looked at HUNDREDS of scientific studies and have concluded that foods with biotech-derived ingredients do not pose any more risk to people than any other foods.


FARMERS Wanted in Hawaii For Growing Safe, Affordable Food $1000 Reward

Live from Hawaii County. They made the registration a reality today.
The interesting part is they added a voluntary registration for all agriculture producers…hmmm They also waived the fee, yippee that should help, insert sarcastic laugh here.

Fact Farmers should not be registered like criminals for growing safe, affordable, legal crops as provided by the Constitution of the Unites States of America. Nor should Counties place undue burdens on small farmers who are already struggling.

Bill 113 which is now a law Thanks to politicians who did not perform due diligence and passed the bill. They failed to ask the real questions, yet onward they went. Now here we are. Growing biotech crops are not poison, there is no harm. The rainbow papaya has been grown on Hawaii Island for 16 years straight by hundreds of small family farmers. They have done no harm. They provide a high quality affordable fruit staple for our community . Yes 3 for a buck $1.00 is the best dollar menu ever! They export the worlds greatest papaya that supports our community, they are local food!

The deadline for farmer registration is March 5th, 2014, what then Mayor Kenoi will you send the GMO police out?
Here is the link to Hawaii County online registration process for gmo, biotech, organic, conventional agricultural producers. What do you think should Farmers be registered like criminals. I thought only sex offenders were registered, shouldn’t a criminal have to break the law first?


Poisening Paradise; Is Hawaii Ground zero?

Poisening Paradise, agriculture, farmers and ranchers are not poisoning paradise in Hawaii. We are ground zero for activism. We have been targeted and a army of paid activists have been deployed and funded through out Hawaii. They use fear and lies to poison the minds of our community against food and agriculture production, as if feeding Hawaii is a bad thing!

How do we prove that it’s a small but very vocal minority who have no moral speed bumps and regularly harass farmers online, in person and threaten people. They use the same fear and hate against politicians who are not experienced and sway votes based on re-election versus the facts. yet I digressed, how do we prove its a vocal minority? Fact is they represent less than 5% of the population of Hawaii yet act with mob like virtues. The majority wants nothing to do with this battle, they do not want to be part of the hate, fear or ugliness this vocal minority attacks anyone with if you dare not drink their kool aid. I don’t blame them, it’s often hard to ask them to wade in when you know it’s not a pretty place but to protect Hawaii and our way of life, our culture we must start speaking up!

Standing United is the only way we will ride this dip…Taking an offensive approach to educating the community and helping our politicians and community understanding agriculture is our best defense. It will not turn the tide over night but it will help and calling out the lies and tactics of paid activism is key.

The poisoning of paradise is being conducted by mainland millionaires who are infusing large amounts of cash under the guise of trusts and non profits. They have hired local activists and flown in others to fan the flames and push their agenda on Hawaii. Using our culture against us, we do not do business like his in Hawaii it’s without aloha and respect. Monsanto, the seed industry, agriculture and Hawaii’s farmers and ranchers are not the problem…The problem is paid activism by a vocal minority being funded by a few wealthy people and using fear to sway public opinion.; they are the real poison in paradise.

Biotechnology is safe and it’s proven…..Fear and myths are poisoning Hawaii but each one of us has a choice, we can choose to not drink the fear and lies and come to the table and discuss this like adults and decide for ourselves not be a social media scientist…We each have the right to choose but let’s choose based on facts not lies.


Local Chef or Activist Verbally harassing Farmers and Agvocates

Everyone is entitled to their personal choice but when you lash out at others, threaten, attack and harass them online that’s wrong whatever you label it.  These attacks keep occurring so for the first time were calling one out; plus she just went way past to far! She lashed out unprovoked at anyone who replied then decided to follow-up by harassing people online beyond the conversation thread and even went on to groups and other sites spouting lies and acting indignant as if she was attacked. Ironic since she was the cyber bully.

After we saw what was occurring we did a simple search to see who she was..


Google her or here is the link http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/sections/news/local-news/citizens-sought-isle-police.html-7

She is a personal chef by  her accounts for very wealthy people as if that gives her special rights. #Fail Courtney Larson. We did discover that in January she was listed as one of Hawaii Islands most wanted, we do hope she got her criminal matters all cleared up though; as we wish no ill will on anyone, even haters.

Courtney Larson your an activist, a food eliteist, a hater, a cyber bully and you have serious issues with a lack of respect and aloha for your fellow community members and even the very same farmers and ranchers who you purchase your food from. we’re sorry your so consumed by rage and hate that your allwoing your emotions to control you.

This behavior has no Aloha and no place here. We can discus things like adults without fear and without personal attacks or threats.; her behavior is absurd and the continued hearings only make it worse. We won’t be intimidated by GMO Free Hawaii or activist for that matter…See you at the next hearing! we’re not poisening paradise, we have not contaminated anyone or any crop. we are pro agriculture and we will stand our ground.

20131002-191304.jpgShe went on a smear campaign because this Farmer speaks for options and is Pro agriculture, All agriculture somehow she switches it to be everyone’s fault but her own for picking a fight. In all fairness she later went and removed her posts from this group and she was banned from several pages due to harassment and foul comments. Some of which we captured below. This does bring us to a question; why should farmers and ranchers be harassed over their choice to keep their options open and not limit themselves?

She really didn’t want discussion she wanted people to attack; I hope she feels vindicated. Especially after going to others pages and posting harassing comments then banning them when they had done nothing.

But this is after all the same person who blamed the papaya attacks on the victim for insurance money. She has shown herself in many locations lately., all attacking with hate. Today’s #1 Hater….



Food elitist……


There was more but we decided enough was enough…


Stop the Food Fights!

We’re Farmers not sex offendars

Really how dare you attack another small papaya grower? Who bought the machetes who destroyed over 100 trees this morning?

While the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association was gathering for their annual meeting and Mayor Billy Kenoi was speaking one farmer was absent; he was at his field with police overlooking destruction of his trees. A sad discovery awaited his trees had been chopped down!This is not okay, activism has gone to far now you have turned into eco terrorists! This is wrong!

We’re farmers not sex offenders, We will not register like a criminal…..
The criminals are the activists who have turned into ecoterrorists. Register the activists not farmers.

The Hawaii County Council is asking farmers to register their locations; why would they? Taking away their constitutional rights and making farm locations public access is a threat to our farmers sustainability and opens them to additional eco terrorist attacks. No were drawing the line “we will not register like a sex offender! Brenda Ford and Margaret Willie, I hope you here this, No No no and we will fight for our right to farm in Hawaii!

We work hard every day to grow affordable safe food for Hawaii….We are not causing Harm your grandstanding is harming us. Ag matters and Farmers care, clearly a few council members do not care about the harm they are causing…

End this non-sense NOW! Kill Bill 109 & 113 …. do what is right and understand farmers and agriculture before you start a public battle… DO NO HARM and this is harming farmers!