I see the GMO Victims Daily, Stop Drinking the Fear and End the Food Fights! Enuff Already…

Enough already! I hear it daily that Hawaii is Ground Zero for GMO’s, that were poisoning Paradise. We’re not, people are simply farming. The seed industry in Hawaii grows out seeds and exports them. The antis claim unknown chemicals are tested and mixed into ungodly concoctions. I see the victims of the gmo fear food fights daily, their family farmers and employees f the agriculture industry; they live in fear of being attacked, verbally assaulted and shamed online.

Enough Already…The collateral damage in this food fight is our communities, our aloha spirit and our farmers. We need leaders who lead with passion, facts and with the ability to help move us forward in a positive light. The fights do nothing,t he tit for tats online don’t solve anything. Reality is GMO’s or improved seeds are not the real problem, the problem is the battle for food has become a lucrative business for activists seeking cash or fame. Look at Gary Hoosier on Kauai and Margaret Wille on Hawaii Island; they don’t know a thing about farming yet they sound off; they have used this as a platform to gain followers and dote on their every word, yet fail to question their logic. If by chance you question them, your a shill, or Wille’s favorite is using condescension or thinly veiled racial comments. As if someones race means they are not entitled to due process!

Farmers Hold Pro-GMO Rally Courtesy of http://bigislandnow.com/2013/06/28/farmers-and-ranchers-state-pro-gmo-rally-in-hilo/
Farmers Hold Pro-GMO Rally Courtesy of http://bigislandnow.com/2013/06/28/farmers-and-ranchers-state-pro-gmo-rally-in-hilo/

There are no victims of chemical poisoning in Hawaii from Farmers but the fear cocktails being served out by Babes against Biotech, the Hawaii Center for food Safety and the Center for Food Safety, Shaka, Hawaii Seed, GMO Free Hawaii are certainly cultivating their fear kool aid and serving it to anyone who will listen; just don’t ask them any questions or you get banned. They don’t allow anyone questioning their cult like mentality with science, reason or logic.  The victims in this battle are farmers and our communities that are being divided.

I don’t have the answers, if I knew how to protect our farmers I would. I do know their tenacious and will survive, its in their nature but I feel their pain. Bans on Hawaii Island, Bill 113, then Kauai 2491, Now the Maui ban on farming and in-between we have had a hurricane and lava and each one is threatening agriculture and farmers in its own way. I say again,


As Farmers brace for Hurricane Iselle, I have a dream for Hawaii…What if?

The rain woke me, followed by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. In that hazy period, I realized I needed a dream. I dream big but “What if”…. 

I have a Dream Hawaii
I have a Dream Hawaii

What if the hurricanes wash away all the judgement and fear that has been delivered to Hawaii’s shores.

What if we could begin again with Aloha, respect and kindness?

Could we do this Hawaii? Would you commit to this, Would fear mongering organizations like Center for Food Safety, GMO Free, The Shaka Movement, Babes against Biotech, GMO’s and Freedom and Hawaii Seed…Would you all just leave or shut your doors and start listening? Could we all commit to that? We understand there is fear and questions. Many facts that are available are lost in this noise, let’s commit to listen up Hawaii!!!

What if we could all step back and listen? Will you commit to listening to the farmers who help feed and sustain Hawaii? Our papaya growers, the ranchers who produce grass fed cattle, the Dairy Industry and Big Island Dairy, the vegetable growers like the wise Richard Ha and many others? Consumers have choices in their food system, and the activists have freedom of speech, farmers have the freedom to farm and feed us…Just because we can speak does not mean we should, sometimes the silence and listening is the step to common ground.

What if the anti-gmo free, funded activists agreed to stop hating on farmers, judging them without understanding the reality of farming in Hawaii. What if they agreed to stop using fear to push their agenda? What if we agreed to cease fire?

What if we invoked Rule # 1 – Do No Harm … Dreaming Big is Good. Dreaming is a form of planning and maybe just maybe after we rid out this storm we can find common ground for Hawaii and stop this ideological food fight battle. I have a Dream Hawaii, Are you willing to help?

How I hacked into the Maui Voter list Published online by Anti Gmo Shaka group

Bruce Douglas states pro gmo, but for the record we’re Pro agriculture bloggers hacked the groups computers…Bull!

How did myself and others including County and State officials hack into the list.

Simple, we clicked the button or entered the unsecured Url and hit enter!  Even my monkey could do it, well if I had a monkey, but you get my point! 20140514-120254.jpg

What was that URL Shakamovement.prg/voters.htm. BAM.

How hard was that peeps it wasn’t any effort at all. His statements are to cover their okole because the citizens of Hawaii should be pissed about this breech. For $50 they have endangered peoples lives and their safety, are your kidding me..Someone deserves to be held accountable and that is everyone involved with SHAKA, even their anom investors…

So now we’re hackers, no…just agvocates who are ag nerds. geeks who love food, farmers and Hawaii. We’re tired of our communities being fed fear. geeks who type and follow the anti gmo money while its hell bent on destroying Hawaii and make it their version of utopia!

Seriously folks this is has gone too far…This was no simple mistake. They have 200 to 500 petitioners working and they are paying $5 per signor to hound the public…Really how desperate are they!  Lets end this nonsense, PUSHBACK Hawaii and stop the Food fights and Fear mongering…

Article source for Bruce Douglas statement from Hawaii News Now 

Follow the Money: The Mainland Anti-GMO SHAKA Movement

Quote from Hawaii Farmers Daughter. ” Not only was someone willing to pay up to $20K for signatures, they were also attempting to register voters at the same time and posted the voter registration of Maui voters online.  It included people’s names and addresses.  I guess it was a way to legally harass people to sign their petition, but it was removed today due to complaints about it and it was illegal. ”

How is paying for votes legal and the privacy violation makes me incredulous!


A few months ago, I did a post about the supposedly grassroots Maui SHAKA movement.  By doing a bit of research on them, I found that it appeared to be a California based movement that was funded by a real estate venture of some sort.  That’s the most I found on it.  You can read the original post here.  A lawyer by the name of Tom Rivkin, left a comment accusing me slander and not telling the truth, so I asked him for the truth that he never responded to.

Today more news came out on this SHAKA movement that they were paying $5 for people to sign the petition.  They announced it publicly on their pages a few days ago.  They have gotten much more aggressive with their ways too by accosting people in public areas only to be kicked out later.


Not only was someone willing to…

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Holy Cow…Anti-Gmo Group Releases Entire Maui County Voter list online!

Are you a registered voter in Hawaii? If you are get prepared to have your blood BOIL… The SHAKA Movement a anti-GMO group funded out of California came to Maui to start a ballot measure to ban GMO’s and get rid of Monsanto…

They released the Entire Maui County, Voter registration list in Hawaii. Complete with apps so anyone could search! I don’t recall ever agreeing to release my private information to wackos. They hired petition signors off the streets to get the people of Maui to sign up at get this $5 bucks per signature! OMFG WTF How is this legal in hawaii?? Its not….

Are you upset, I am…this is Wrong first they divide our communities with mainland millionaires then they release personal information…This is an idealogical battle, the safety of genetic engineering is in, their safe…

Here look for yourself…THEN take action, Stop this nonsense, its tearing our communities apart and the anti gmo activist are being paid to do so!!

This is a screen shot I took of the C’s…I obscured the names but this was no small breech, they even have apps…


What do Soy, Science & an Armored Car have in common?

They are all part of  Percy Julian’s colorful and interesting career in science and American History and today April 11th is his 115th Birthday… Gone yet never forgotten.

Google's Doodle
Google’s Doodle


The Truth About Trade & Technology is that agriculture has always been directly tied with science to develop the products that sustain the world.



He held over 130 patents… Julian developed Steroids and Female hormones from Soy. One of which has helped millions of people with rheumatoid arthritis. When he developed his steroid treatment only the wealthy could afford the original treatment due to the cost. His discovery led to a drug that the masses could afford. He also used the same so sterols  to make paint products and develop the first foam used to fight diesel and gasoline fires aboard ships.

An armored car transported the first 1 pound shipment of progesterone to it’s buyer in 1940. It’s value was $63,500 …it began its life as a mixed sterol from plants including soybeans. Without farmers and science where would we be today?



This begs the question…Do we salute the scientist, the soybean, the farmer or the seed company who produced the soybean seeds… I say, we salute and Thank them all.


We’re all in this circle of life together…Working together with technology and trade we can make the world a better place.


Read more about Percy om Wikipedia here.


What is a Sterol you ask?

Sterols, also known as steroid alcohols, are a subgroup of the steroids and an important class of organic molecules. They occur naturally in plants, animals, and fungi, with the most familiar type of animal sterol being cholesterol. Cholesterol is vital to animal cell membrane structure and function and a precursor to fat-soluble vitamins and steroid hormones.

Stigmasterol  is one of a group of plant sterols that are chemically similar to animal cholesterol. It’s an unsaturated plant sterol occurring in the plant fats or oils of soybeancalabar bean, and rape seed, and in a number of medicinal herbs, including the Chinese herbs Mai men dong, and American Ginseng

The Peterson Farm Bros’ Beef with Chipotle (Part 1)

The Peterson Bros. have said it best..Read about their Beef with Chipotle!

The Peterson Farm Blog

By Greg Peterson

Many of you have probably seen or heard about Chipotle’s commercial, “The Scarecrow” and their recent video series, “Farmed and Dangerous.” Chipotle claims these spots are shedding light on the “inhumane” and “unsustainable” nature of “industrial farming.” They try to use the videos to inform people of the perceived problems with the current food system, such as the difference between meat that is ethically raised and meat that isn’t. Their approach seems genuine and sincere at first and is attracting a lot of attention from consumers.

To be clear, I do agree with the general ideals Chipotle claims they are supporting:

  • The consumer does deserve healthy meat from humanely raised animals
  • The family farmer is who should be raising their food
  • Ethical behavior should be of greater concern than profit.

What I don’t agree with is Chipotle’s definitions of family farmers, humanely raised animals, and ethical behavior…

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