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As Farmers brace for Hurricane Iselle, I have a dream for Hawaii…What if?

The rain woke me, followed by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. In that hazy period, I realized I needed a dream. I dream big but “What if”…. 

I have a Dream Hawaii
I have a Dream Hawaii

What if the hurricanes wash away all the judgement and fear that has been delivered to Hawaii’s shores.

What if we could begin again with Aloha, respect and kindness?

Could we do this Hawaii? Would you commit to this, Would fear mongering organizations like Center for Food Safety, GMO Free, The Shaka Movement, Babes against Biotech, GMO’s and Freedom and Hawaii Seed…Would you all just leave or shut your doors and start listening? Could we all commit to that? We understand there is fear and questions. Many facts that are available are lost in this noise, let’s commit to listen up Hawaii!!!

What if we could all step back and listen? Will you commit to listening to the farmers who help feed and sustain Hawaii? Our papaya growers, the ranchers who produce grass fed cattle, the Dairy Industry and Big Island Dairy, the vegetable growers like the wise Richard Ha and many others? Consumers have choices in their food system, and the activists have freedom of speech, farmers have the freedom to farm and feed us…Just because we can speak does not mean we should, sometimes the silence and listening is the step to common ground.

What if the anti-gmo free, funded activists agreed to stop hating on farmers, judging them without understanding the reality of farming in Hawaii. What if they agreed to stop using fear to push their agenda? What if we agreed to cease fire?

What if we invoked Rule # 1 – Do No Harm … Dreaming Big is Good. Dreaming is a form of planning and maybe just maybe after we rid out this storm we can find common ground for Hawaii and stop this ideological food fight battle. I have a Dream Hawaii, Are you willing to help?