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The Unsustainable Truth Behind the Hawaii GMO Free Movement

The Unsustainable Truth Behind the Hawaii GMO Free Movement.

The Hawaii Farmers Daughter nails this one. Great post!


MAUI GMO News Flash Amazes us! GMO Ban Postponed till 2015

Hot off the press it seems the legal teams must have worked all weekend on the Maui gmo ban, they filed an order of stipulation agreeing to leave the TRO in effect till March 31st, 2015 and the Judge signed the stipulation into effect this morning. Judge Kurren works hard and must have come into work early, we’re glad he did frankly as we support freedom to farm.

Farmers didn’t ask for bad bill to be passed, we’re only 2% of the population so its easy for fear mongering activists to pollute our communities with lies and hate.

How I hacked into the Maui Voter list Published online by Anti Gmo Shaka group

Bruce Douglas states pro gmo, but for the record we’re Pro agriculture bloggers hacked the groups computers…Bull!

How did myself and others including County and State officials hack into the list.

Simple, we clicked the button or entered the unsecured Url and hit enter!  Even my monkey could do it, well if I had a monkey, but you get my point! 20140514-120254.jpg

What was that URL Shakamovement.prg/voters.htm. BAM.

How hard was that peeps it wasn’t any effort at all. His statements are to cover their okole because the citizens of Hawaii should be pissed about this breech. For $50 they have endangered peoples lives and their safety, are your kidding me..Someone deserves to be held accountable and that is everyone involved with SHAKA, even their anom investors…

So now we’re hackers, no…just agvocates who are ag nerds. geeks who love food, farmers and Hawaii. We’re tired of our communities being fed fear. geeks who type and follow the anti gmo money while its hell bent on destroying Hawaii and make it their version of utopia!

Seriously folks this is has gone too far…This was no simple mistake. They have 200 to 500 petitioners working and they are paying $5 per signor to hound the public…Really how desperate are they!  Lets end this nonsense, PUSHBACK Hawaii and stop the Food fights and Fear mongering…

Article source for Bruce Douglas statement from Hawaii News Now 

Holy Cow…Anti-Gmo Group Releases Entire Maui County Voter list online!

Are you a registered voter in Hawaii? If you are get prepared to have your blood BOIL… The SHAKA Movement a anti-GMO group funded out of California came to Maui to start a ballot measure to ban GMO’s and get rid of Monsanto…

They released the Entire Maui County, Voter registration list in Hawaii. Complete with apps so anyone could search! I don’t recall ever agreeing to release my private information to wackos. They hired petition signors off the streets to get the people of Maui to sign up at get this $5 bucks per signature! OMFG WTF How is this legal in hawaii?? Its not….

Are you upset, I am…this is Wrong first they divide our communities with mainland millionaires then they release personal information…This is an idealogical battle, the safety of genetic engineering is in, their safe…

Here look for yourself…THEN take action, Stop this nonsense, its tearing our communities apart and the anti gmo activist are being paid to do so!!

This is a screen shot I took of the C’s…I obscured the names but this was no small breech, they even have apps…


Local Chef or Activist Verbally harassing Farmers and Agvocates

Everyone is entitled to their personal choice but when you lash out at others, threaten, attack and harass them online that’s wrong whatever you label it.  These attacks keep occurring so for the first time were calling one out; plus she just went way past to far! She lashed out unprovoked at anyone who replied then decided to follow-up by harassing people online beyond the conversation thread and even went on to groups and other sites spouting lies and acting indignant as if she was attacked. Ironic since she was the cyber bully.

After we saw what was occurring we did a simple search to see who she was..


Google her or here is the link

She is a personal chef by  her accounts for very wealthy people as if that gives her special rights. #Fail Courtney Larson. We did discover that in January she was listed as one of Hawaii Islands most wanted, we do hope she got her criminal matters all cleared up though; as we wish no ill will on anyone, even haters.

Courtney Larson your an activist, a food eliteist, a hater, a cyber bully and you have serious issues with a lack of respect and aloha for your fellow community members and even the very same farmers and ranchers who you purchase your food from. we’re sorry your so consumed by rage and hate that your allwoing your emotions to control you.

This behavior has no Aloha and no place here. We can discus things like adults without fear and without personal attacks or threats.; her behavior is absurd and the continued hearings only make it worse. We won’t be intimidated by GMO Free Hawaii or activist for that matter…See you at the next hearing! we’re not poisening paradise, we have not contaminated anyone or any crop. we are pro agriculture and we will stand our ground.

20131002-191304.jpgShe went on a smear campaign because this Farmer speaks for options and is Pro agriculture, All agriculture somehow she switches it to be everyone’s fault but her own for picking a fight. In all fairness she later went and removed her posts from this group and she was banned from several pages due to harassment and foul comments. Some of which we captured below. This does bring us to a question; why should farmers and ranchers be harassed over their choice to keep their options open and not limit themselves?

She really didn’t want discussion she wanted people to attack; I hope she feels vindicated. Especially after going to others pages and posting harassing comments then banning them when they had done nothing.

But this is after all the same person who blamed the papaya attacks on the victim for insurance money. She has shown herself in many locations lately., all attacking with hate. Today’s #1 Hater….



Food elitist……


There was more but we decided enough was enough…


Stop the Food Fights!