About Us

Who are we?

I’m a concerned agvocate, representing agriculture and farming on Hawaii Island this blog and voice  grew out of Hawaii County Council Bill 79 banning GMO’s and strangling our Papaya Industry. Our Voices and Choices Matter!

I am not a farmer but i support their voice and have chosen this path to help thier voices be heard through all the noise concerning genticlly modified foods and GMO Papaya. My voice is my own and I represent only myself. I’m a resident of Hawaii Island, a registered Voter and an agvocate.

What we aren’t? We’re not funded nor am I paid for this, I’m doing this from the fields and for the love of Hawaii and agriculture.


We are GMO Pro and We’re pro coexistence.

We firmly belive we can all get along. There is not one single method or tool that  will feed the world in 25 years as it doesn’t even feed the world today, it’s a mix of tools and choices made by farmers and agriculture business. The consumer has freedom of choice and so should farmers!

We belive in science, technology, knowledge, education, sustainability, genetic engineering and economic sustainability.


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