So What We’re simply defending our Farms, Businesses & Economy on Maui and Molokai!

We’re loud and we’re PROUD and We’re simply defending our businesses, our economy and our friends and neighbors. This is 5,500 real Maui County residents standing strong together against the measure. These are business owners, farmers, teachers, parents, grandparents, people like me and you, concerned for the well being of our families. That’s why this money was needed and went to good use. People deserve to know the truth – that this is a ban, flat out. And it would do so much damage to our community.

So What if the campaign used the financial support from the seed companies to correct the mass amount of misinformation that’s been spread in the community by the initiative’s backers, and to discuss with the voters on Maui, Molokai and Lanai how this initiative will devastate our islands and our economy.

Now Look at what the Maui News and Civil Beat have said. Look at what the First Hawaiian Bank economist has said. Look at what UH has said. This initiative is deeply flawed, has no legitimate scientific basis for its restrictions and penalties, and would do serious damage in our community.

On fairness of campaign spending disparity between proponents and opponents: Of course it’s fair. Is it fair to force 24 percent unemployment on the people of Molokai? Is it fair to take away people’s livelihoods, leaving them with no choice but to move away from home and separate themselves from their families, their homes, their heritage? Is it fair to devastate an economy without any sound scientific backing?

Why no contributions from locals? Our supporters have donated their time, energy and talents to help us spread the message of how devastating an impact this initiative will have on our island. Just check out what happened on Molokai the other day – 600 people came out to say Vote NO!

If you want to talk about numbers, let’s talk about the 600 families would lose an income if this passes. Let’s talk about the $85 million in annual economic activity the County would see disappear if the initiative passes. That’s almost a billion dollars over the next decade.

I think the expense is justified if it means keeping 240 jobs on Molokai, and preventing unemployment there to bump up over 24%. We need to think about our neighbors.

We’re not buying the election, give voters the credit they’re due. All the campaign has done is present voters with the facts – GMOs are safe, 600 jobs would be lost, any one could have to pay steep fines and even go to jail just for growing certain crops. When voters know the truth about the initiative, they will come to the proper decision on their own.

This initiative is going to cost our county hundreds of millions of dollars over the near term if the seed farms are forced to shutdown. It just doesn’t add up that people are concerned over what we’ve reported when take a look at what we stand to lose.

I say again….So WHAT, You’ve forced us to defend ourselves so we have UNITED and found resources to fight back and defend our livelihoods, our farms, our choice and our Community. If the noise is too loud then VOTE NO and lets have the discussion but we will not give away our freedom to farm silently.


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