I’ve Looked At GMOs From Both Sides Now

Great article…Great links and resources I would recommend that you read this…



The ping pong match continues.  Or maybe its more like a boxing match?  If so, we’re at round, oh, I don’t know, about 125 now?  Those that see GMOs or transgenic technology as a necessary and valuable tool to steward us onward and forward into our food future versus those who won’t have any of it because they are either scared to death of GMOs or trying very hard to be what they perceive to be politically correct.

For me, the back and forth, the backhands, the punches, have become a bit of a spectacle to take in and yes, at times be quite entertained by.

But it is so much more than entertainment.  Our global food future really is at stake here.  No matter which side you’re on, this thing must be resolved.  While we spar over the issues – all opinionated-and-well-fed-like, people who don’t have the opportunity for…

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