Holy Cow…Anti-Gmo Group Releases Entire Maui County Voter list online!

Are you a registered voter in Hawaii? If you are get prepared to have your blood BOIL… The SHAKA Movement a anti-GMO group funded out of California came to Maui to start a ballot measure to ban GMO’s and get rid of Monsanto…

They released the Entire Maui County, Voter registration list in Hawaii. Complete with apps so anyone could search! I don’t recall ever agreeing to release my private information to wackos. They hired petition signors off the streets to get the people of Maui to sign up at get this $5 bucks per signature! OMFG WTF How is this legal in hawaii?? Its not….

Are you upset, I am…this is Wrong first they divide our communities with mainland millionaires then they release personal information…This is an idealogical battle, the safety of genetic engineering is in, their safe…

Here look for yourself…THEN take action, Stop this nonsense, its tearing our communities apart and the anti gmo activist are being paid to do so!!

This is a screen shot I took of the C’s…I obscured the names but this was no small breech, they even have apps…



7 thoughts on “Holy Cow…Anti-Gmo Group Releases Entire Maui County Voter list online!”

  1. Please note that Hawaii State Revised Statutes §3-172-31, limits the use of this list to approved purposes. This list may only be purchased for uses such as campaigning for elected office. This list may not be used for any marketing purposes directly or indirectly. Unlawful use of the list will result in prosecution by our local government. Penalties include fines and/or imprisonment.


    1. Well they were stalking voters to get their anti gmo petition on the ballot. This is a real threat to safety and privacy.

      I guess if you cant get something accomplished fairly you pay and violate the laws.

  2. These antigmo guys are desperate because they know they don’t have enough signatures to pass their proposed ordinance. Now they are attacking the Maui mayor because he refused to sign their petition and now they’re going after him on his personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alanarakawa

    1. That is pathetic of them…Your right they are desperate, sad thing is they are polluting are communities. If you do not agree with them they attack.
      Boo on Activists, they are bullies!

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