What do Soy, Science & an Armored Car have in common?

They are all part of  Percy Julian’s colorful and interesting career in science and American History and today April 11th is his 115th Birthday… Gone yet never forgotten.

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Google’s Doodle


The Truth About Trade & Technology is that agriculture has always been directly tied with science to develop the products that sustain the world.



He held over 130 patents… Julian developed Steroids and Female hormones from Soy. One of which has helped millions of people with rheumatoid arthritis. When he developed his steroid treatment only the wealthy could afford the original treatment due to the cost. His discovery led to a drug that the masses could afford. He also used the same so sterols  to make paint products and develop the first foam used to fight diesel and gasoline fires aboard ships.

An armored car transported the first 1 pound shipment of progesterone to it’s buyer in 1940. It’s value was $63,500 …it began its life as a mixed sterol from plants including soybeans. Without farmers and science where would we be today?



This begs the question…Do we salute the scientist, the soybean, the farmer or the seed company who produced the soybean seeds… I say, we salute and Thank them all.


We’re all in this circle of life together…Working together with technology and trade we can make the world a better place.


Read more about Percy om Wikipedia here.


What is a Sterol you ask?

Sterols, also known as steroid alcohols, are a subgroup of the steroids and an important class of organic molecules. They occur naturally in plants, animals, and fungi, with the most familiar type of animal sterol being cholesterol. Cholesterol is vital to animal cell membrane structure and function and a precursor to fat-soluble vitamins and steroid hormones.

Stigmasterol  is one of a group of plant sterols that are chemically similar to animal cholesterol. It’s an unsaturated plant sterol occurring in the plant fats or oils of soybeancalabar bean, and rape seed, and in a number of medicinal herbs, including the Chinese herbs Mai men dong, and American Ginseng


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