Ask A Farmer: Does feeding corn harm cattle?

Corn is grown to feed people, put fuel in your cars and make thousands of product’s both edible and non edible like plastics. Our desire for corn is not solely fast food…Cattle are able to digest corn but corn like other rich concentrates to their diet can give them an upset stomach; hence the feed silage that is made with corn and other legumes to provide a supplement to their grass feed when needed. See the link below for the true facts on Cows and Corn…Ryan has a comments section if you care to challenge your perceptions.

Beef Runner

What is a Factory Farm? Does feeding cattle corn harm them? Why are cattle finished in feedlots? These are a few of the questions I often receive when discussing the beef we eat and how cattle are raised. During the next few posts we will address a few of these concerns.

Do cattle eat grass or grain?

cattle grazing pasture bermuda grass Cows grazing high-quality pasture is a common practice on cow-calf farms

Most all beef cattle are born and raised on pastures where their diet consists primarily of grasses, legumes, and other forages. These feeds are high in fiber and lower in digestibility of nutrients. The stomach of cattle is made of different compartments and is able to digest these fibrous materials. When cattle on pasture need more energy than can be obtained from forages, the farmers may feed them supplemental feeds that come from a number or sources, including concentrates that will…

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