FARMERS Wanted in Hawaii For Growing Safe, Affordable Food $1000 Reward

Live from Hawaii County. They made the registration a reality today.
The interesting part is they added a voluntary registration for all agriculture producers…hmmm They also waived the fee, yippee that should help, insert sarcastic laugh here.

Fact Farmers should not be registered like criminals for growing safe, affordable, legal crops as provided by the Constitution of the Unites States of America. Nor should Counties place undue burdens on small farmers who are already struggling.

Bill 113 which is now a law Thanks to politicians who did not perform due diligence and passed the bill. They failed to ask the real questions, yet onward they went. Now here we are. Growing biotech crops are not poison, there is no harm. The rainbow papaya has been grown on Hawaii Island for 16 years straight by hundreds of small family farmers. They have done no harm. They provide a high quality affordable fruit staple for our community . Yes 3 for a buck $1.00 is the best dollar menu ever! They export the worlds greatest papaya that supports our community, they are local food!

The deadline for farmer registration is March 5th, 2014, what then Mayor Kenoi will you send the GMO police out?
Here is the link to Hawaii County online registration process for gmo, biotech, organic, conventional agricultural producers. What do you think should Farmers be registered like criminals. I thought only sex offenders were registered, shouldn’t a criminal have to break the law first?



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