Poisening Paradise; Is Hawaii Ground zero?

Poisening Paradise, agriculture, farmers and ranchers are not poisoning paradise in Hawaii. We are ground zero for activism. We have been targeted and a army of paid activists have been deployed and funded through out Hawaii. They use fear and lies to poison the minds of our community against food and agriculture production, as if feeding Hawaii is a bad thing!

How do we prove that it’s a small but very vocal minority who have no moral speed bumps and regularly harass farmers online, in person and threaten people. They use the same fear and hate against politicians who are not experienced and sway votes based on re-election versus the facts. yet I digressed, how do we prove its a vocal minority? Fact is they represent less than 5% of the population of Hawaii yet act with mob like virtues. The majority wants nothing to do with this battle, they do not want to be part of the hate, fear or ugliness this vocal minority attacks anyone with if you dare not drink their kool aid. I don’t blame them, it’s often hard to ask them to wade in when you know it’s not a pretty place but to protect Hawaii and our way of life, our culture we must start speaking up!

Standing United is the only way we will ride this dip…Taking an offensive approach to educating the community and helping our politicians and community understanding agriculture is our best defense. It will not turn the tide over night but it will help and calling out the lies and tactics of paid activism is key.

The poisoning of paradise is being conducted by mainland millionaires who are infusing large amounts of cash under the guise of trusts and non profits. They have hired local activists and flown in others to fan the flames and push their agenda on Hawaii. Using our culture against us, we do not do business like his in Hawaii it’s without aloha and respect. Monsanto, the seed industry, agriculture and Hawaii’s farmers and ranchers are not the problem…The problem is paid activism by a vocal minority being funded by a few wealthy people and using fear to sway public opinion.; they are the real poison in paradise.

Biotechnology is safe and it’s proven…..Fear and myths are poisoning Hawaii but each one of us has a choice, we can choose to not drink the fear and lies and come to the table and discuss this like adults and decide for ourselves not be a social media scientist…We each have the right to choose but let’s choose based on facts not lies.



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