Decisions based on Perceived Risk can be hazardous to your health.

Social Media seems to increase the perception of risk; therbey leading to a frenzied moblike witch hunt mentality…

Confronting Mediocrity

People make decisions based on their perception of risk rather than the actual risk resulting in focusing time, effort, and angst on events that may have a limited chance of occurrence. Meanwhile, events that may be far more likely to cause harm are deemphasized, or ignored completely resulting in a greater exposure to actual harm.

Paul Slovic [1], a pioneer in the study of risk perception, believes this most frequently occurs in people lacking knowledge of a subject or who have a feeling that actions or events are out of their personal control. This effect may span any number of areas ranging from fear of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) [2], fear of nuclear power, fear of vaccinations or even fear of child abduction by strangers.

What is Risk?

dkAt a fundamental level, one definition of Risk (R) is that it is the product of Frequency (F) and Consequence (C) or R=FxC. It would follow that…

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