We’re Farmers not sex offendars

Really how dare you attack another small papaya grower? Who bought the machetes who destroyed over 100 trees this morning?

While the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association was gathering for their annual meeting and Mayor Billy Kenoi was speaking one farmer was absent; he was at his field with police overlooking destruction of his trees. A sad discovery awaited his trees had been chopped down!This is not okay, activism has gone to far now you have turned into eco terrorists! This is wrong!

We’re farmers not sex offenders, We will not register like a criminal…..
The criminals are the activists who have turned into ecoterrorists. Register the activists not farmers.

The Hawaii County Council is asking farmers to register their locations; why would they? Taking away their constitutional rights and making farm locations public access is a threat to our farmers sustainability and opens them to additional eco terrorist attacks. No were drawing the line “we will not register like a sex offender! Brenda Ford and Margaret Willie, I hope you here this, No No no and we will fight for our right to farm in Hawaii!

We work hard every day to grow affordable safe food for Hawaii….We are not causing Harm your grandstanding is harming us. Ag matters and Farmers care, clearly a few council members do not care about the harm they are causing…

End this non-sense NOW! Kill Bill 109 & 113 …. do what is right and understand farmers and agriculture before you start a public battle… DO NO HARM and this is harming farmers!



9 thoughts on “We’re Farmers not sex offendars”

  1. Back when GM crops were allowed in Germany, the government required farmers to register the locations of their crops in a public register. Guess what, the activists knew exactly where to go to destroy the GM crops.

    They shipped activists by the bus load to these crop locations. Often there were more than 100 activists at a time destroying a field. They even called it “tourism”. Of course they want to do this in Hawaii. It worked very well in Germany.

    1. Bestruger that is exactly what we feel their trying to do here! Especially knowing that anti gmo activists co-authored one of the bills!

      We’re not going to agree to it! Its wrong and violates our constitutional rights as citizens.

    1. Very sad…The likleyhood of them being found is slim; after all we never caught the last attackers.
      Not giving up hope but this time we are pushing the story as far as we can. We’re done being silent!

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