OMG Did he seriously say “We need our best scientists”

First we want to state the devastation to the environment from the molasses spill on Oahu, Hawaii deeply saddens us, there is nothing remotely funny in this disaster to Hawaii’s ecosystem. We are Loyal to the Land and this accident has done harm to Hawaii.

We had decided to not wade into this naturally sticky situation when a quote from a key politician gave me  a sore neck from whiplash my brain began turning.  Thank you Senator Brian Schatz for getting our attention!

We need our best scientists
Senator Brian Schatz “We need our best scientists”

Seriously whiplash almost occurred when I heard US Senator Brian Schatz state on KHNL/KGMB….he said quote “We need to get our best scientists into the water to find out the damage” ….” OMG Did he really just say that, yes he did! Could Senator Schatz please share that with Mr. Gary Hoosier, Brenda Ford, Margaret Willie and Mr. Bynum of the Hawaii and Kauai County Council…

After all our best scientists are real and not fake pulled off the beach where they just happen to be vacationing in ground zero, really? Did you buy that, seriously they were paid to be in Hawaii for the hearings, it can’t be a coincidence when it occurs at every hearing!  Our best scientists have published research studies and they are credible; their scientific studies have been peer-reviewed and examined by other scientists….They and their reports have been vetted by the their own peers.

Sometimes scientists know more than elected officials! Dare I say maybe more like scientists certainly understand their particular area of expertise better than anyone and most assuredly better than an elected official; but then elected Council Members such as Gary Hoosier, Brenda Ford and Margaret Willie understand how to be an activist on a County Council way better than any scientists or farmer we know, that’s for sure! Maybe scientists and farmers need to become more adept at politics to even this out.

Hawaii Governor Abercrombie speaking about activists "We need to take in points of view, It must be science based; based in Reality"
Hawaii Governor Abercrombie speaking about activists “We need to take in points of view, It must be science based; based in Reality”

  A quote by  Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii, regarding the   anti-windmill activists: “Yes, we have to take points of view into account. But opinion that is merely opinion is not going to be good enough. It has to be science-based; it has to be reality-based in terms of the political nature of what is involved in global pricing right now where energy is concerned,” Abercrombie said. Mahalo Governor! Words of wisdom from our fearless leader Governor Abercrombie, Thank you guv’nor! 

Now let’s share this with the a’oles on Kauai and Hawaii and especially elected officials that have run repeatedly for higher office and keep losing, only to be re-elected to county council. Now how can we best convey our message, the wise words of wisdom from politicians to politicians; after all how can you embrace science and scientists in one manner yet degrade and denigrate them in a hearing? Shouldn’t vetted scientists deserve respect from public officials;  After all you’re  elected and you’re not an expert; you’re a County Council member elected by the people to represent all of your community not the vocal minority or special interests.

Maybe the lesson for Hawaii is learning to craft better policies: Writing polices and laws based on sound evidence, good science and bringing in the experts to Hawaii that are needed and only then reacting. After all taking premature reaction without a solid foundation will cause unintended consequences to  the community, the environment, economically and socially. Two key politicians in Hawaii have spoken words of wisdom; why would Hawaii and  Kauai not listen?


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