Mr. Papaya head makes his debut!

Last Wednesday we sat through another day of hearings here on the Island of Hawaii and found it hard not to laugh at the hypocrisy, the fallacies and outright lies spread about Hawaii’s farmers, Papayas and agriculture in general. I won’t perpetuate them by writing them here; although admittedly I did react when a female anti gmo activists was verbally accosting a agriculture supporter, he found it  funny but refused to answer her questions which only fed her resolve that he must be with a seed company, as if that was a bad thing. It was none of her business and frankly her racial profiling upset me. Racial profiling and undertones were thick in this hearing even from a few Council members. Most of the anti’s are haole

( Hawaiian term for white or fair skin)  new comers and a few old timers; while most of the growers are minority farmers and 99% clearly local to Hawaii Island.

Mr. Papaya Head makes his debut at Hawaii County Council hearing to ban gmo's in Hawaii County
Mr. Papaya Head makes his debut at Hawaii County Council hearing to ban gmo’s in Hawaii County

The Chair and Bill 109’s author and proposer;  Brenda Ford slaughtered almost every farmers name and even simple names were mispronounced; yet she manged quite well with the anti’s, activists and supporters of her bill..hmmm co-inky dink, me thinks not. By far the most patronizing terms come from Margaret Willie, condescending patronization telling our farmers to just find another crop as if she is smarter than everyone else. As is all the scientists and experts we provided are lying; she acts as if she is god and it’s her way or no way…but because we have contaminated Hawaii Island she will go ahead and allow papaya growers to be exempted.  The exemption taints the Hawaii Papaya Industry’s good name and is causing marketing issues, one council member proposed establishing a marketing fund to restore its name, yes that is a start!

How about Mrs. Wille and Brenda Ford making a video, apologizing to our local farmer’s for racial innuendos, patronization and condescension as if their not educated enough to make their own choices and while your at it girls…Eat a Hawaii Rainbow Papaya, after all fresh local fruit never hurt any one! Yes I want an apology, these two council members care not for our community or our culture they only care about special interests and their own agenda.

Ag Matters…Bill 113 is a “Kill us Now or Kill us later” bill in our humble opinion. So NO Thank you, We stand United for Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers and we don’t care for your half heart-ed exemption for papayas…What about the rest of agriculture and our research; We want to reserve our options for the future.

We work hard daily to feed Hawaii safe, affordable Food.  We will not go away silently we will return on September 23rd, 20123 to listen to your discussion; hopefully Council Member Ford will be finished with pounding her fists on the table like a child!

As for Mr. Papaya head, he will return…He is a bit of fun in a very heated and serious situation. He is Pro agriculture, Pro Hawaii and of course he is Pro Papaya…After all he is 100% born and raised on Hawaii Island! Stay tuned for more appearances from Mr. Papaya head…


5 thoughts on “Mr. Papaya head makes his debut!”

  1. I was on a forum today and someone put Vinanda Shiva’s word forward as important to Hawaiians. Wow she causes so much hardhship in her own country and now is importing it to Hawaii

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