Trust us to grow your food Hawaii County “Ag is NOT a Crime”

As i steel myself for the day ahead, I’m emotional. If the Hawaii County Council votes to pass a ban or moratorium with either Bill 109 or Bill 113 it will be full frontal face slap, followed buy a kick to the core of our lifeblood, Hawaii’s culture and lifeblood is agriculture, farming and ranching run deep, this battle is wrong on so many levels.

Frankly Id like to tell the activists who have descended on Hawaii in the past few years to leave, Occupy wherever it is you came from, take your issues elsewhere. Instead I will tell you will not lead us to slaughter…We will take the high road but know this, I shall smile at you today, laugh at your narrow minded vision for Hawaii and in my mind…I will be saying Fuck you..(Sorry that’s the Portuguese in me coming out). Fuck you for the hate, the animosity and the fact you have planted your doubts, fears and insecurities on Hawaii’s soils. You have infected us with your promise of a cure, when in reality you are the disease. A disease funded from outside Hawaii, activists paid to act pure when your as dirty as the lies your contaminating Hawaii with….

Today’s motto…. Fuck Yeah….We can and will fight back with every once of strength our forefathers gave us. The anti gmo crowd might not trust anyone or anyone but we do and we trust that somewhere in all this there is a lesson, a voice of reason…Council members who realize this is a cure looking for a disease and if you say No to Bill 109 & 113 that Your saying you trust Hawaii Island Farmers and ranchers to grow safe affordable for for Hawaii….

Ag is NOT a Crime….Trust us to grow your food!

It’s simple Hawaii County…Do you trust us to grow your food? If Yes then Vote No and stop this debate cold…End this nonsense, stop ripping apart our community and let us heal…



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