29.4 million in Tax Revenue by Seed Companies in Hawaii


During the hearing on Bill 2491 on Kauai a council member “Gary Hoosier” said the seed companies paid zero Hawaii taxes. We thought that statement totally impossible all things being considered. After all when was the last time Hawaii failed to make business pay taxes?

We dug, it took a whole 60 seconds to figure out his statement was a myth, we found the attached report done in Feb. 2013 by Hawaii Agricultural Statistics. Don’t believe us look at the chart…They paid 29.4 million in Hawaii tax revenue…

Is there not a policy for councils to research their comments?
Do we not desire public policy based on evidence?

Just a thought, How will Hawaii replace that income if they continue to drive agriculture businesses from Hawaii? Bills like Hawaii County bill 79 & Kauai County bill 2491 will not drive any seed company out of business but they might go elsewhere… In the end only small farmers and AG in Hawaii gets hurt...”Support all local farmers”


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