Is Hawaii, Paradise being Poisoned?

AbsoFreakinlutely  by fear, threats, fear mongering a witch hunt conducted by those who don’t trust anyone or anything but their own WePedia “WePedia = perception based on words, even if their myths they force feed and make them the truth by feeding the un-informed”…. 

It’s their way or the NO way. They love technology to advocate against agriculture in Hawaii, yet farmers and ranchers are not supposed to use technology or advance farm practices to fight pest or disease. This makes no sense to our logical minds but that matters not for their creating their own reality based on misguided perceptions and fear.

If we remain quiet as agriculture then were not transparent or translucent enough; if we speak up were attacked online, in person and our business are boycotted and threatened. This behavior is not how we were raised, nor is it pono, its without Aloha for your fellow-man.  We stand tall, proud of who we are, the food and crops we work hard everyday to bring to Hawaii’s tables. The economic value and jobs we produce for Hawaii is nothing to shake your head at. So NO we will not stand by and allow fear to decimate our way of life, our choice of crops or our Aloha spirit. Were NOT ground zero for Hawaii County Pasture landpesticide poisoning, just look at our lush greenery and we’re no agribusinesses testing grounds. The seed companies produce a valid exportable crop in Hawaii and papaya farmers produce a cheap local food that is also exportable and guess what we support thousands of workers. We should be admired for our tenacity to do business in Hawaii not harassed.

Agriculture is not a religion but its always been deeply rooted in culture and religion. NOW we have become a NEW religion and we’re evil and of course we need a devil, that would be Monsanto in their eyes. We’re not advocating for Monsanto we’re advocating for agriculture in HAWAII. “We are NOT Ground Zero for anything but activism” What better place for earth justice, the sierra club and all the others to send their warriors and fund unscrupulous tactics…

Find a new religion because agriculture, farmers and ranchers we’re the toughest bunch you will ever meet and we’re not going silently!


7 thoughts on “Is Hawaii, Paradise being Poisoned?”

  1. The bill in Kauai doesn’t affect local small farmers or ranchers it only affects Monsanto, Dow, Pioneer, BASF etc. The same bill 79 in Hawaii grandfathers in the papaya and restricts new corporate “farmers” setting up shop. This is not a “witch hunt” this is exposing the truth. Monsanto poisons Hawaii

    1. Clearly you do not have your facts correct.

      Fact is…Monsanto has No operations or any business interest on Hawaii Island or Kauai. Neither bill 79 or 2491 would affect Monsanto at all, they only hurt others.

      Our farmers don t need exemptions or being registered as biohazard 3 agents!,, its a legal crop,

      New corporate farming…Exactly how would you define and enforce that.

      Agriculture is not a religion and Monsanto is NOT the devil.

      1. Some exemptions !

        “Suuuure! You can grow those GM papayas. So long as you build level 3 Bio-hazard enclosures and/or maintain 750 foot wide buffers between your crops and your property lines and any little brook running through your farm ! Yeah, yeah, that’s it !”

        Anyone do the math on those 750 foot buffers? That’ll leave, at most, for a 100 acre farm, less than 8 acres for the crops !

      2. First Officer my hero! lol all kidding aside your correct.

        Sure we give you an exemption for papaya but your still considered as unsafe or biohazards when their neither….The bill (s) authors neither understand science or agriculture. To quote Richard Ha “Were not going to be led to slaughter”

    2. Ooooooh ! Is that why actual farmers are so against these heinous bills ?

      It is a full-fledged witch hunt, complete with, “peasants”, running amuck with pitchforks, torches and even machetes.

      1. Kudos First Officer!

        Farmers and Ranchers are United to stand against these bills that do nothing but strangle their ability to be competitive and use tools of their choice depending on the situation….

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