Hawaii Island Farmers, Ranchers Rally Against Bill 79

Press Release


Hawaii Island farmers and ranchers will unite in a rally in opposition of County bill 79 on Friday June 28th at 2pm in front of Hilo County building. The Hawaii Papaya Industry Association, Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association, Big Island Banana Growers Association, Hawaii Dairy, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council will join forces in solidarity to convey to the County Council the importance of allowing farmers, nursery growers, ranchers and retail businesses to have free choices in their livelihood.


These organizations represent approximately 600 local businesses with 2000 employees. Collectively, they contribute $130 million to the island’s economy.


“The bill contains no rhyme or reason,” according to Richard Ha, an island farmer who opposes bill 79. “We should be feeding Hawaii’s people but this bill is pitting people against farmers. We just want to have the freedom to farm.”


Hawaii Island farmers, ranchers and business members take health and safety very seriously. They believe that free choice in agricultural practices will enable organic farmers to work collaboratively with those who employ agricultural technology so that all local businesses are at liberty to earn a living, feed their families and provide for economic and food security on the local level.


The organizations that will rally, who sometimes refer to themselves as Freedom Farmers, seek a way to communicate with others about ways to come together to find solutions that allow all to farm on Hawaii Island.


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Island Farmers, Ranchers Rally Against Bill 79”

  1. I’m glad this site exists. Though i live in Pennsylvania, this biil will have far reaching consequences that will affect Pennsylvanian and all farmers, from the large right down to the Amish, who, with horse drawn plows, grow GM corn !

    I have sent the following as my testimony against this bill:

    “Dear Members of the Hawaii County Council,

    Over the years, they have been the ruin of many lives. Though they have no unusual markings and appear normal to all who gaze upon them, they, nonetheless, wreck their destruction on all of us. They are among us. Many times they have been the cause of one or more of:

    Crop Failures
    Livestock deaths
    Killing Children
    “Unnatural acts” (such as homosexuality)
    Unexplained illnesses
    World domination,conspiracy
    Bad weather
    Poisoning water

    and they are set against God’s will for us and our home.

    What am i writing about? Why, witches! Of course! But, i bet you thought i was talking about GMO’s! Well, who can blame you. The plethera of ill’s and conspiracies that anti-gmo groups have served up against them would have you believe that they are the cause of all of Mankind’s woes and a Paradise would open up to us all if we would but get rid of them.

    As you can see, there is much more than a passing similarity of what anti-gmo groups accuse GMO’s of and what innocent men and women of the dark ages were accused of as witches or wizards, with about as scientific reasoning now as then.

    As such, especially in the light of all GMO’s have done, to greatly increase real world yields, preserving land and saving the Papaya crop of Hawaii while decreasing released toxicity, i beseech thee, do not let this witch hunt on GMO’s go any further. Vote no on bill 79.”

    I hope it helps.

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