Do You Want Non farmers making farm policy?

These Comments were gathered after a recent GMO meeting organized with Council woman Marget Willie presenting her view on Bill 79

No big surprise’s, It’s basically either you support bill 79 or your supporting Monsanto…Really, how do they figure! We’re not entitled to have our own thoughts and educated opinion about what affects our farms and ranches, very sad to see farmers being pitted against other farmers. there is no need for this fight, We shouldnt have to choose between being organic, GMO or conventional…We’re all farmers and we can coexist!

Hector Valenzuela is the messiah preaching the same old small scale organic gardening and agro-ecological subsistence models from the 90s that economically lead no where in Hawaii.  If it hasn’t worked yet, why would it now.

Trying to get beyond the issue of Monsanto did not work. The disscusion of sound science and policy making to enhance food self sufficiency and to grow more successful farmers in Hawaii; fell on deaf ears.

Clearly Bill 79 is not about helping Hawaii’s farmers or rancher be sustainable its about glory and trying to crucify “Big Ag” none of which will Bill 79 impact in the sligest way…She is using the bill to send a message to the seed companies in Hawaii. It will only impact us, our way of life and our ability to farm as we choose!

Vote No on Bill 79 Hawaii County Council, Please Support All Local farmers!vote no

Farmers needto show up to testify on July 2nd and testify about their positions on the GMO matter and Bill 79  as most of the testimony is likely to come from non farmers.. Do you want non farmers or ranchers deciding Your farms policy?


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