The Real Bullies: Earthjustice and the Center for Food Safety Attack the Local Farmers

Hawaii farmers Daughter nailed it again… Why would any County hire special interest activists to defend them? It’s 100% absurd that the Corp Counsel and Hawaii County is even considering this tactic.. Shall we give Center for Not Food Safety and Earth Injustice the keys to the Mayors office while were at it? If this is about home rule why are we hiring DC activist lawyers? Just a few of the many questions I have running through my head.


8705800_s Will justice ever be served for the Hawaii County farmers?

It’s interesting that the activists’ groups like Earthjustice and the Center for Food Safety always claim that the agribusinesses are liars and bullies. I guess they forgot the rule that when you point fingers at others, 3 more point back at oneself. “We want honesty,” is their followers’ rallying cry. The problem is that these groups can’t even be honest and don’t recognize the bullying they do themselves when they attack Big Island farmers in the courtroom.

Case in point is how CFS is ramping up its efforts with the Vandana Shiva blitz and garnering the attention of the media this past month. This group picks the most fraudulent of speakers to “educate” others, when in reality all she does is indoctrinate in ideology with very little evidence based information. She also is an extremist who supported Natural News’ Mike…

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MAUI GMO News Flash Amazes us! GMO Ban Postponed till 2015

Hot off the press it seems the legal teams must have worked all weekend on the Maui gmo ban, they filed an order of stipulation agreeing to leave the TRO in effect till March 31st, 2015 and the Judge signed the stipulation into effect this morning. Judge Kurren works hard and must have come into work early, we’re glad he did frankly as we support freedom to farm.

Farmers didn’t ask for bad bill to be passed, we’re only 2% of the population so its easy for fear mongering activists to pollute our communities with lies and hate.

So What We’re simply defending our Farms, Businesses & Economy on Maui and Molokai!

We’re loud and we’re PROUD and We’re simply defending our businesses, our economy and our friends and neighbors. This is 5,500 real Maui County residents standing strong together against the measure. These are business owners, farmers, teachers, parents, grandparents, people like me and you, concerned for the well being of our families. That’s why this money was needed and went to good use. People deserve to know the truth – that this is a ban, flat out. And it would do so much damage to our community.

So What if the campaign used the financial support from the seed companies to correct the mass amount of misinformation that’s been spread in the community by the initiative’s backers, and to discuss with the voters on Maui, Molokai and Lanai how this initiative will devastate our islands and our economy.

Now Look at what the Maui News and Civil Beat have said. Look at what the First Hawaiian Bank economist has said. Look at what UH has said. This initiative is deeply flawed, has no legitimate scientific basis for its restrictions and penalties, and would do serious damage in our community.

On fairness of campaign spending disparity between proponents and opponents: Of course it’s fair. Is it fair to force 24 percent unemployment on the people of Molokai? Is it fair to take away people’s livelihoods, leaving them with no choice but to move away from home and separate themselves from their families, their homes, their heritage? Is it fair to devastate an economy without any sound scientific backing?

Why no contributions from locals? Our supporters have donated their time, energy and talents to help us spread the message of how devastating an impact this initiative will have on our island. Just check out what happened on Molokai the other day – 600 people came out to say Vote NO!

If you want to talk about numbers, let’s talk about the 600 families would lose an income if this passes. Let’s talk about the $85 million in annual economic activity the County would see disappear if the initiative passes. That’s almost a billion dollars over the next decade.

I think the expense is justified if it means keeping 240 jobs on Molokai, and preventing unemployment there to bump up over 24%. We need to think about our neighbors.

We’re not buying the election, give voters the credit they’re due. All the campaign has done is present voters with the facts – GMOs are safe, 600 jobs would be lost, any one could have to pay steep fines and even go to jail just for growing certain crops. When voters know the truth about the initiative, they will come to the proper decision on their own.

This initiative is going to cost our county hundreds of millions of dollars over the near term if the seed farms are forced to shutdown. It just doesn’t add up that people are concerned over what we’ve reported when take a look at what we stand to lose.

I say again….So WHAT, You’ve forced us to defend ourselves so we have UNITED and found resources to fight back and defend our livelihoods, our farms, our choice and our Community. If the noise is too loud then VOTE NO and lets have the discussion but we will not give away our freedom to farm silently.

On GMOs & Changing Your Mind…

Wow… GMO and Changing your mind. What happens if a die hard kool aid drinker challenges their beliefs? I applaud anyone for taking the time to dig deeper in the issue and challenge their thinking.

Random Rationality

A few months ago I wrote a post titled What Would it Take? In it, I asked both proponents and opponents of GMOs what it would take to change their minds on their current position. Much to my disappointment only the PRO camp responded—which tells you something there.

Granted, I don’t have the biggest audience in the world, but I know I have Julee K, perhaps the only person whose mind I was instrumental in changing on the dicey issue of GMOs in a piece I did titled The Lowdown on GMOs with a Scientistthough, it is probably more fair to say it was Dr. Kevin Foltaand ask her a few questions on how it felt to change her mind on so visceral and emotional an issue, and you can find our back and forth below.


Hi Julee, before you changed your mind, I’m sure…

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“There’s No Such Thing as a Temporary Shut Down.”

$85 Million dollars – gone. and 950 jobs – impacted.

“Why do we need to shut down an industry to study it, when you can just go STUDY IT?” Dr. Paul Brewbaker posed this question today to the Maui County Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Brewbaker is the Principal of TZ Economics and former Chief Economist for Bank of Hawaii. Read the full article which is a great overview of the economics and reality if Maui County fails to Vote No on Novemeber 4th…

Iowa Meets Maui

IMG_7625$85 Million dollars – gone.  

950 jobs – impacted.

“Why do we need to shut down an industry to study it, when you can just go STUDY IT?”  Dr. Paul Brewbaker posed this question today to the Maui County Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Brewbaker is the Principal of TZ Economics and former Chief Economist for Bank of Hawaii.  He gave a presentationabout the impact that the Maui voter initiative on Genetically Engineered Organisms would have on the County and State’s economy.

As business owners, the attendees of this event could readily understand the following statement from Dr. Brewbaker. “There’s no such thing as a temporary shut down.  You’re either in business, or you’re out of business.  You’re either the Sheraton Kaluakoi, or a weed patch.”  You can’t expect a business to stop following their business model for an unknown amount of time (according to the initiative, a minimum of…

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I’ve Looked At GMOs From Both Sides Now

Great article…Great links and resources I would recommend that you read this…



The ping pong match continues.  Or maybe its more like a boxing match?  If so, we’re at round, oh, I don’t know, about 125 now?  Those that see GMOs or transgenic technology as a necessary and valuable tool to steward us onward and forward into our food future versus those who won’t have any of it because they are either scared to death of GMOs or trying very hard to be what they perceive to be politically correct.

For me, the back and forth, the backhands, the punches, have become a bit of a spectacle to take in and yes, at times be quite entertained by.

But it is so much more than entertainment.  Our global food future really is at stake here.  No matter which side you’re on, this thing must be resolved.  While we spar over the issues – all opinionated-and-well-fed-like, people who don’t have the opportunity for…

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I see the GMO Victims Daily, Stop Drinking the Fear and End the Food Fights! Enuff Already…

Enough already! I hear it daily that Hawaii is Ground Zero for GMO’s, that were poisoning Paradise. We’re not, people are simply farming. The seed industry in Hawaii grows out seeds and exports them. The antis claim unknown chemicals are tested and mixed into ungodly concoctions. I see the victims of the gmo fear food fights daily, their family farmers and employees f the agriculture industry; they live in fear of being attacked, verbally assaulted and shamed online.

Enough Already…The collateral damage in this food fight is our communities, our aloha spirit and our farmers. We need leaders who lead with passion, facts and with the ability to help move us forward in a positive light. The fights do nothing,t he tit for tats online don’t solve anything. Reality is GMO’s or improved seeds are not the real problem, the problem is the battle for food has become a lucrative business for activists seeking cash or fame. Look at Gary Hoosier on Kauai and Margaret Wille on Hawaii Island; they don’t know a thing about farming yet they sound off; they have used this as a platform to gain followers and dote on their every word, yet fail to question their logic. If by chance you question them, your a shill, or Wille’s favorite is using condescension or thinly veiled racial comments. As if someones race means they are not entitled to due process!

Farmers Hold Pro-GMO Rally Courtesy of
Farmers Hold Pro-GMO Rally Courtesy of

There are no victims of chemical poisoning in Hawaii from Farmers but the fear cocktails being served out by Babes against Biotech, the Hawaii Center for food Safety and the Center for Food Safety, Shaka, Hawaii Seed, GMO Free Hawaii are certainly cultivating their fear kool aid and serving it to anyone who will listen; just don’t ask them any questions or you get banned. They don’t allow anyone questioning their cult like mentality with science, reason or logic.  The victims in this battle are farmers and our communities that are being divided.

I don’t have the answers, if I knew how to protect our farmers I would. I do know their tenacious and will survive, its in their nature but I feel their pain. Bans on Hawaii Island, Bill 113, then Kauai 2491, Now the Maui ban on farming and in-between we have had a hurricane and lava and each one is threatening agriculture and farmers in its own way. I say again,

As Farmers brace for Hurricane Iselle, I have a dream for Hawaii…What if?

The rain woke me, followed by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. In that hazy period, I realized I needed a dream. I dream big but “What if”…. 

I have a Dream Hawaii
I have a Dream Hawaii

What if the hurricanes wash away all the judgement and fear that has been delivered to Hawaii’s shores.

What if we could begin again with Aloha, respect and kindness?

Could we do this Hawaii? Would you commit to this, Would fear mongering organizations like Center for Food Safety, GMO Free, The Shaka Movement, Babes against Biotech, GMO’s and Freedom and Hawaii Seed…Would you all just leave or shut your doors and start listening? Could we all commit to that? We understand there is fear and questions. Many facts that are available are lost in this noise, let’s commit to listen up Hawaii!!!

What if we could all step back and listen? Will you commit to listening to the farmers who help feed and sustain Hawaii? Our papaya growers, the ranchers who produce grass fed cattle, the Dairy Industry and Big Island Dairy, the vegetable growers like the wise Richard Ha and many others? Consumers have choices in their food system, and the activists have freedom of speech, farmers have the freedom to farm and feed us…Just because we can speak does not mean we should, sometimes the silence and listening is the step to common ground.

What if the anti-gmo free, funded activists agreed to stop hating on farmers, judging them without understanding the reality of farming in Hawaii. What if they agreed to stop using fear to push their agenda? What if we agreed to cease fire?

What if we invoked Rule # 1 – Do No Harm … Dreaming Big is Good. Dreaming is a form of planning and maybe just maybe after we rid out this storm we can find common ground for Hawaii and stop this ideological food fight battle. I have a Dream Hawaii, Are you willing to help?

How I hacked into the Maui Voter list Published online by Anti Gmo Shaka group

Bruce Douglas states pro gmo, but for the record we’re Pro agriculture bloggers hacked the groups computers…Bull!

How did myself and others including County and State officials hack into the list.

Simple, we clicked the button or entered the unsecured Url and hit enter!  Even my monkey could do it, well if I had a monkey, but you get my point! 20140514-120254.jpg

What was that URL Shakamovement.prg/voters.htm. BAM.

How hard was that peeps it wasn’t any effort at all. His statements are to cover their okole because the citizens of Hawaii should be pissed about this breech. For $50 they have endangered peoples lives and their safety, are your kidding me..Someone deserves to be held accountable and that is everyone involved with SHAKA, even their anom investors…

So now we’re hackers, no…just agvocates who are ag nerds. geeks who love food, farmers and Hawaii. We’re tired of our communities being fed fear. geeks who type and follow the anti gmo money while its hell bent on destroying Hawaii and make it their version of utopia!

Seriously folks this is has gone too far…This was no simple mistake. They have 200 to 500 petitioners working and they are paying $5 per signor to hound the public…Really how desperate are they!  Lets end this nonsense, PUSHBACK Hawaii and stop the Food fights and Fear mongering…

Article source for Bruce Douglas statement from Hawaii News Now 

Hawaii's Farmers and Ranchers are United